Prof. Dr. James Houston
Board of Governors', Professor of Spiritual Theology
Regent College

"The first Asia-Pacific Consultation on Christian Discipleship at Kota Kinabalu has become recognised as a major step forward in the consolidation of Christianity in a difficult environment. All major religions seek converts, if for no other reason than for political votes. The disciplines of true discipleship are harder to sustain and to deepen the true spiritual growth and maturity of God's people. The call to Christian discipleship at Kota Kinabalu was reinforced by a strong emphasis upon understanding the historic roots of Biblical discipleship, while the many workshops manifested the diverse needs and methods being now considered for the training of Christian disciples. The representation from twenty two countries was an excellent beginning to what God in His grace may lead to a remarkable renewal of the Christian faith throughout the southern hemisphere. Often envisaged derogatively, as 'down under'! this may become the sphere of global leadership for the Christian expansion of the third millennium. I was privileged to be a participant at this event, and pray this Consultation will be the prelude to a new seriousness among Christians everywhere, to seek personal transformation in Christ through His Holy Spirit".

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