Dr Dwight A. Pryor (Plenary Speaker APCOD 2001)
Founder- The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies, USA

As a man, Yeshua went about on a mission: raising up many disciples. His focused determination to accomplish this task assigned Him by the Father explains why Jesus avoided and would even run off great crowds that came for healing, inspirational sermons and miraculous provisions of bread. He under-stood that discipleship does not occur en masse, nor is it suited for those intent just on 'getting' something from God. Disciples rather are those who ask, 'What can I 'give' to advance the Kingdom of God?

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Dr. John Garr (Plenary Speaker APCOD 2003, 2006, 2010)
President, Hebraic Christian Global Community, USA

Over the past ten years, it has been my distinct pleasure to participate in conferences by the Asia-Pacific Consultation on Discipleship (APCOD) that were conducted in Colombo, Sri Lanka APCOD 2003, Auckland, New Zealand APCOD 2006, and Chennai, India APCOD 2010. The deeply spiritual and biblically astute delegates that APCOD conferences attract from all across the Asia-Pacific make have always made these gatherings very stimulating and enriching spiritually and intellectually.

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Prof. Dr. Brad Young (Plenary Speaker APCOD 2001)
Seminary Professor, Oral Roberts University, USA

My experience in the APCOD Consultation of Discipleship ten years ago was one of the stellar experiences of my 40 years ministry work. The people inspired me. The teachings challenged me. My life and career gained momentum. I love the people of Sabah. I love the people from around the world who gathered together for discipleship training. I was so impressed with the dedication of disciples committed to training. I value the focus on Jesus. Most of our struggles today are rooted in the neglect of the teachings of Jesus. We must be disciples of the authentic kingdom message. The highlight was working with Dr. Lee and catching the vision of global outreach. Everyone must experience APCOD!

Prof. Dr. James Houston (Plenary Speaker APCOD 2001)
Board of Governors', Professor of Spiritual Theology Regent College Canada

The first Asia-Pacific Consultation on Christian Discipleship at Kota Kinabalu has become recognised as a major step forward in the consolidation of Christianity in a difficult environment. The call to Christian discipleship at Kota Kinabalu was reinforced by a strong emphasis upon understanding the historic roots of Biblical discipleship, while the many workshops manifested the diverse needs and methods being now considered for the training of Christian disciples.

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Dr Os Guinness (Plenary Speaker APCOD 2001)
Senior Fellow, The Trinity Forum, USA

In a day when Asia has taken its place as a leading region of the modern world, the significance of APCOD is enormous. Modernity makes evangelism easier but discipleship harder, and APCOD addresses this imbalance with strategic vision and wisdom.

Peter Wong (APCOD 2001)
HaDavar Yeshiva, Hong Kong, China

The first APCOD 2001 in Kota Kinabalu was a turning point in my life and my ministry. It was my first exposure to the Hebraic root teaching, first time listening to Dwight Pryor and Prof Dr Brad Young. My life has not been the same ever since. And I really appreciate your dedication and humility, your heart for the Lord and to the brothers and sisters is a model I long to follow.

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Rev Edmund Chan (Plenary Speaker APCOD 2001, 2003)
Senior Pastor, Covenant Evangelical Free Church, Singapore

Authentic discipleship and intentional disciple-making are critical needs of the 21st century Church. APCOD serves as a dynamic catalyst to champion the meeting of these needs, focusing on the Asia Pacific region, for the long term health of the Church. It is a galvanizing movement of God with far-reaching impact.

Dr Kenneth Boa (Plenary Speaker APCOD 2001, 2006)
President, Reflections Ministries, USA

APCOD is a strategic ministry of multiplication, equipping and encouragement that will bear much fruit in the days ahead as we pray and labor with increased expectation of our Lord's return. Until that day, we seek to be faithful to the Great Commission to bring the gospel to all peoples, and I believe that APCOD will be a significant part of that process by building up ministries in these Asia-Pacific countries.

Dennis Adams
HCJB Australia

The meeting of Christians from across the Asia Pacific region, sharing, interacting and engaging one another to grow and strengthen one another in the faith is truly unique. Everyone goes away from an APCOD conference re-energized, re-committed to the ministry of disciple-making with fresh urgency.


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